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Foshan Lilaisenma Building Material Co., Ltd.

      Foshan Lilaisenma Building Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum honeycomb core, glass fiber honeycomb panels, stone honeycomb panels, aluminum tile composite panels, all kinds of aluminum honeycomb composite materials R & D, production and sales, while providing related products and technical services. The company is located in Shibei Industrial Zone, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It has advanced aluminum honeycomb production equipment and professional R&D and design center.



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Indoor and outdoor aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall decoration material solution expert
Focus on aluminum
  • Years of experience in the industry
    Years of experience in the industryStrong technical force, quality assurance
    Over the years, we have focused on aluminum honeycomb building materials, providing decoration and decoration services for many business families. Because of concentration, it's professional.
    The pursuit of excellence is endless, keeping pace with the times and creating the future.
  • Good quality and low price, value for money.
    Good quality and low price, value for money.Directly reduce production costs and increase profits for customers.
    Manufacturers directly supply, save the difference between intermediate agents, the difference is pure profit.
    Wool comes from sheep. The deputy will bear the loss due to transportation. We promise that the cost due to transportation will be borne by our manufacturer.
    In practical application, the same product has different formulations corresponding to different models, we will give customers a reasonable application program to avoid waste.
  • Intimate service guarantee
    Intimate service guaranteePre sale and after-sales service is perfect, so that customers can not worry about it.
    Pre-sale: Adjust and recommend the product model according to the customer's needs, provide a perfect solution to assist customers to produce satisfactory products.
    Our company has complete processing equipment, customers can map customization, so that the product effect fully meet customer needs.
    After-sales: Customers in the production process of any abnormalities, we will immediately arrange for technical personnel to come to customers to solve.
  • Leading R & D technology
    Leading R & D technologyR & D advantages for new needs
    Self-development of new products, not only to build on existing achievements, excellence, to provide customers with more competitive products, to help customers stand out in the industry.
    Market demand is changing and customer demand is changing. Our R & D department is ready for the new needs of our customers at any time. If there are new requirements or special requirements for our customers, we will provide a complete solution for our customers.
  • Green environmental protection starts with me.
    Green environmental protection starts with me.Environmental protection and social responsibility
    While ensuring the quality of products and meeting the needs of customers, we have been committed to contribute to the cause of environmental protection in the world; all our products have been certified environmental protection.
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Indoor and outdoor aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall decoration material solution expert